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Dr. Michael Persinger Papers & Books On-Line

Since the 1970s Dr. Michael Persinger has been developing a physical understanding of paranormal phenomena. More recently he has worked with modern neuroscience technology to study “anomalous cognition” – which he defines as gaining information via more than the usual five senses. Not exactly telepathy. Instead he proposes that the magnetic field around objects, especially the background terrestrial and interplanetary magnetic fields, can store information and human brains can retrieve it. To further communication of his work to the widest possible audience he has made it all available on-line:

Dr. Michael Persinger

…includes his early 1970s work on geomagnetic phenomena and UFOs, etc., which gave him a certain scientific infamy. Such “ultra-terrestrial” explanations for UFOs neither satisfy the sceptics or the believers, but does provide the basis for developing a scientific understanding of how humans and the Earth, as a collective entity, interact.

One can speculate further and imagine a bestiary of magneto-plasma based lifeforms which share this world with us, but tracking such elusive phenomena is incredibly difficult. I’ve had my own encounters and can understand the difficulty. My friend Andrew Collins isn’t as restrained about attempting to communicate with such possible entities and documents his ideas and experiences in his latest book:

Andrews Collins News… “LightQuest” book coming soon

Are Greys Plasma-beings instead?

…perhaps you can get in-touch with the Geo-Psyche? Just beware that all your attempts are through the most tricky communication medium of all – the human psyche.