Space Solar Power – a decadal study reported

Space Solar Power Satellite

Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence News reports that a major decadal study of space solar power has been completed, and I must say it is very thorough. Here’s the news link…

A limitless power source for the indefinite future

…the PowerSats described mass ~10,000 tonnes per GW delivered to the ground, at about 50% SPS->Ground efficiency. That’s hefty, but the economic analysis indicates it’s probably acceptable. I’m just not overly convinced yet that the PowerSats need to be so massive. However read for yourself and get a feel for the issues. Quite a few materials concerns that I haven’t pondered before were covered, so there’ll be surprises in the report for everyone.

Here’s the report link… Space Solar Power: The First International Assessment of Space Solar Power: Opportunities, Issues and Potential Pathways Forward