Carnival of Space Week #73

Carnival of Space #73 is up at Alice’s Astro Info and it has some real fascinating ones.

First up – The Martian Chronicles ponders a crashed moonlet.

Second – Starts With A Bang ponders whether galaxies have more stars than bodies have cells. Has the interesting fact that human somatic cells only number about 4 trillion, with another trillion white blood cells, a trillion platelets, 30 trillion red blood cells, and a whopping 40 trillion bacterial cells living in our guts. Are you your human DNA alone???

Third – Twisted Physics discusses the Pioneer anomaly, and its possible origins in MOND.

Fourth – AstroENGINE seeks evidence of varying radioactive decay in Cassini’s RTGs. Apparently the researchers pondering varying decay think Cassini’s Pu-238 might be the wrong isotopes for the job. Not big on beta-decay, which is a neutrino susceptible weak-force mediated decay that the researchers are studying. Nice to know alpha-decay can be relied on…

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