Climate model exposes serious errors in complex computer models


Peer-reviewed pocket-calculator climate model exposes serious errors in complex computer models.

Something that has been noted before. The IPCC models are prone to exaggeration not supported by the evidence. But, note, it’s still getting f***ing hot and more CO2 is bad news for a lot of marine life. There’s still reasons to reduce fossil-fuels dependence (not least being dependent on their supply from oppressive regimes.) Lord Monckton has been a long-time opponent of Climate Alarmism – not denial that it’s happening, but that it’s as catastrophic as claimed. And he’s probably right. But – note this caveat – just because the global picture isn’t as extreme as portrayed, that doesn’t mean we’re not getting *more* weather chaos. Extremes come from perturbing the system and this is reason enough to wean ourselves off burning stuff for energy.