Mountains of Titan, not so Titanic…

Titan, as suspected, has some peaks, though Australian scale – i.e. about 2 km altitude. That’s a fair climb here in Australia, where our highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko, is only 2,228 metres high. Miniscule compared to other continents. Of course because Titan’s gravity is so low the peak is “only” 305 metres in Earth-gravity scale.

Mountains Discovered On Titan, Saturn’s Largest Moon

Brigham Young University release on the discovery…

BYU scientist leads discovery of mountains on Saturn’s largest moon

…and the abstract describing the work in Icarus

DOI link

…can you imagine free-climbing such a peak? Should be fairly “easy” in a suitably light-weight cryo-suit. With a rebreather system – just freeze CO2 out at ambient temperatures and rewarm with a small methane-oxygen flame – the breathing gear would be lightweight.