12,800 years bp – Big Impact

A cosmic impact about 12,800 years ago caused the Younger Dryas – a glacial surge which reburied the world in ice for a thousand years. So not an Ice Age, but a chill-down. The same events probably caused the extinction of a multitude of species and obliterated any human culture unable to adapt to the cold.

New evidence that an extraterrestrial collision 12,800 years ago triggered an abrupt climate change for Earth

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A candidate crater has been spotted deep under Greenland’s ice sheets… Greenland ice sheet hides huge ‘impact crater’

Fried Egg Structure

Massive Flood That Caused Ancient ‘Big Freeze’ Located

At the time, or close to, humans built this mystery structure…

Gobekeli Tepe

Goebekeli Tepe

No one knows what it was for, but a good guess is that it was an astronomical structure, designed to map the sky at the time. If small impactors are raining down from the sky regularly, it has a clear purpose.