Superconductivity at Higher Temperatures in Graphite

Some interesting preprints with a shared theme:

Probable cause for the superconductor-like properties of alkane-wetted graphite and single-layer graphene above room temperature under ambient pressure

Superconductivity above 500 K in conductors made by bringing n-alkane into contact with graphite

Observation of the Meissner effect at room temperature in single-layer graphene brought into contact with alkanes

Quantum effects in graphitic materials: Colossal magnetoresistance, Andreev reflections, Little-Parks effect, ferromagnetism, and granular superconductivity

Phonon hydrodynamics and ultrahigh-room-temperature thermal conductivity in thin graphite

Superconductivity in Hydrogenated Graphites

Electric-field induced strange metal states and possible high-temperature superconductivity in hydrogenated graphitic fibers

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  1. Now, Pablo Esquinazi and his colleagues at the University of Leipzig report that flakes of humble graphite soaked in water seem to continue superconducting at temperatures of greater than 100 ?°C

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