Rocketship X-M

Craters on Mars, 1950

“Rocketship X-M” was a low budget 1950 competitor for the epic “Destination Moon”. Unlike its Heinlein-coached rival, the Rocketship Experimental – Moon was propelled by monatomic hydrogen, ozone and “A-12” and “A-16”. Tripropellant mixes were toyed with by the crazy rocketeers of the time, as well as unstable atomic and triatomic fuels and oxidisers. Sadly neither monatomic hydrogen or ozone are stable enough to propel rockets. They tend to explode in the lab. But, if they were stable, then they’d obviate the need for atomic engines.

I’m not sure who had the inspiration to paint craters on Mars in the landing sequence above, but whether they’re meant to be natural craters or the result of atomic warfare (a theme of the movie) is unknown to this writer.

The Internet Archive has a colourised version here: Rocketship X-M