Carnival of Space #145

Roll up! Roll up! The 145th Carnival of Space is Here!

In no particular order the Shows on offer…

Steve’s Astro Corner this week memorialises the life of a telescope mirror grinding Maestro… Dick Wessling: A Tribute to Gifted Hands

Astroswanny (at AART Scope Blog) rallied to the call of the AAVSO to keep a close eye on GW Lib – else it might spoil the work of the HST – and pulls off a challenging observation.

Mike Simonsen, at Simostronomy, gives us another view of the GW Lib campaign: Okay Hubble, You’re Safe To Go… The AAVSO has your back.

Louise Riofrio, A Babe in the Universe, handles through positive pressure gloves a real piece of the Moon.

…the road to endeavour… follows the “Opportunity” MER (‘Oppy’ to her friends) as she braves the harsh Martian conditions and farewells Concepcion.

Weird Warp tells us How Impact Craters Are Formed.

Dr. Schenk’s 3D House of Satellites gives us the Mimas Rejoinder: Those Pesky Icy Satellites Between the Rings and Titan, reminding us of the gyre of Icy Moons that circulate around Saturn too.

At Chandra blog, Chandra the X-ray telescope, muses on The Poetry of Discovery, particularly a poem by Jonathan Taylor about the tune of a Super-Massive Black-Hole. And I thought that was already a “Muse” song.

Amanda Bauer aka Astropixie gives us a penetrating view of Dirty Space News

A 150 Kiloton warhead up too close for comfort

Brian Wang, at Next Big Future, gives us the Biggest Circus Cannon Act ever! The 150 Kiloton Nuclear Verne Gun in fact. Plus thoughts from Burt Rutan on the *cheapest* tickets to space you’ll ever see! Not on the Verne Gun I hope!

CollectSPACE reports on the Hubble-in-3D Premiere. With real live astronauts!

Alan Boyle, at Cosmic Log, tells us how PLuto has found its place… it’s a little planet with a lot of friends.

The Shuttle Era tells us Bob Parkinson’s 1981 Plan: Mars in 1995! David Hardy kindly gave permission to David Portree to use some high quality images from artwork he did for the plan, so I won’t use the images here because I haven’t asked. Worth seeing!

Cheap Astronomy podcasts a short Stay-At-Home’s Guide to the Galaxy, probably more useful than “The Hitchhiker’s Guide”.

The Gish Bar Times tells the Tale of Gish Bar Patera, a very active piece of volcanic Real Estate on Io, but not active all the time.

Centauri Dreams works the Numbers of Habitable planets in our Galaxy & Beyond. Just how many though? How about 45.5 billion in the Milky Way alone!

One Astronomer’s Noise brightens our minds with AstroJargon of the Week – AGN.

The Bad Astronomer colours the Stars this week with a Hex on Star Colors. Did you know the Sun is #FFF5F2?

Colony Worlds gives us a not-so-crappy way of preparing Martian dust to make it real plant-friendly soil… Could ‘PeePoo’ bags help fertilize Martian soil? In space nothing is waste…

Finally, Crowlspace discusses Buzz Aldrin’s alternative plan for NASA’s new direction away from the Moon. Plus my latest essay at “Project Icarus” just went online… What Else is ‘Daedalus’ Good For?