My Publications

A.Crowl, J.Hunt, A.M.Hein, “Embryo Space Colonization to Overcome the Interstellar Time/Distance Bottleneck”, JBIS, 65, 7/8, July/August 2012.

A.Crowl, K.F.Long, R.Obousy, “The Enzmann Starship: Histsory & Engineering Appraisal”, JBIS, 65, 6, June 2012.

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A.Crowl, Comments on ‘First Interstellar Missions, Considering Energy and Incessant Obsolescent’, Refereed Correspondence, JBIS, 64, 5, p75, May 2011.

R.W.Swinney, K.F.Long, A.Hein, P.Galea, A.Mann, A.Crowl, R.Obousy, “Project Icarus: Exploring the Intertstellar Roadmap using the Icarus Pathfinder and Starfinder Probe Concepts, JBIS, 65, pp.244-254, 2012.

R. K. Obousy, A. C. Tziolas, K. F. Long, P. Galea, A. Crowl, I.A. Crawford, R. Swinney, A. Hein, R. Osborne, P. Reiss, “Project Icarus: Progress Report On Technical Developments And Design Considerations”, 64, pp.358-371, 2011.

J.Benford and G.Benford and A.Crowl et al., “Starship Pioneers”, Chapter Contribution to book, Starship Century, Published by Microwave Sciences and Lucky Bat Books.

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