Harold “Sonny” White Papers & Presentations Online


NETS 2012 presentation: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meetings/nets2012/pdf/3082.pdf

Von Braun Symposium 2009: http://www.astronautical.org/sites/default/files/vonbraun/2009/Von_Braun_Symposium_2009-10-21_7b_White.pdf

Space Times 2009 write-up, starts page 8: http://www.astronautical.org/sites/default/files/spacetimes/spacetimes_48-6.pdf

STAIF 2007 Presentation: http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=13020.0;attach=173105

Harold White’s papers at the NASA Technical Reports Server:

IXS Enterprise 3IXS Enterprise, based on Sonny’s Warp concepts

Eagleworks/Warp-Drive Papers:
Eagleworks Laboratories: Advanced Propulsion Physics Research
100 YSS 2011 Paper: Warp Field Mechanics 101
100 YSS 2012 Paper: Warp Field Mechanics 102: Energy Optimization

Mainstream NASA Papers:
Spacecraft Applications for Aneutronic Fusion and Direct Energy Conversion
Technology Area Roadmap for In Space Propulsion Technologies (1)
Technology Area Roadmap for In-Space Propulsion Technologies (2)
Roadmap for In-Space Propulsion Technology

5 Replies to “Harold “Sonny” White Papers & Presentations Online”

  1. Hi Adam, what are your thought about this?
    We need a theory that unify gravity with quamtum mechanics to prove this? Or there is not need for that? What are the biggest challenges that this idea face? And I am not talking about the practical construction.

    1. Hi AngelLestat,
      I want more experimental data, but I find it intriguing. Sonny has been pondering the Q-Thruster concept for several years (as witnessed by the STAIF 2007 link) and interprets the other propellantless thruster concepts through his Q-Thruster theory. Is it the right theory? Well it’s more of a hybrid empirico-theoretical rule than full theory and it seems to get the order of magnitude of the experimental results. I have seen a theoretical justification of the Shawyer EMDrive in terms of tensor-scalar gravity, which is an alternative to Einsteinian GR. The relevant preprint is this one by Fernando Minotti: Scalar-tensor theories and asymmetric resonant cavities but, as Minotti notes, it needs a ‘fix’ to avoid producing unobserved electromagnetic effects.

  2. Thanks Adam for the info. I was reading all I could from the sources that you kindly share, also searching in internet to clarify some particular doubts.
    The first White´s experiments was to prove if the quamtum fluctuations could be used like source of virtual proppelent to push against. And the second experiment (if I understood well) is to see if cassimir effect produce what we could call like a “negative force” (the exotic negative element that alcubierre drive needed).
    Q-thuster seems promissing, but in a discussion with a particle physsics guy, I am being trashed just for remain sceptic about the warp drive idea and his arguments (that I need to confess, seems like he may have a point).

    My scepticism come from the fact that to allow this phenomenon, we need to have real big energy densities confine in a real short scale. This plus other effects that needs to be had into account tells me that Einsteinian GR would not be enought to prove this.
    So we need something that at least merge with some accuracy in the frame of reference needed, GR with quamtum mechanic.
    He said that working with gravity tensor and yang mills aproximation is enought. (not the exactly words that he use).
    I dont have any problem to be wrong, in fact the idea excites me, but I worry about staying with the wrong idea.
    About Fernando Minotti, he is from my city and I never hear of him 🙂

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