Our Exploding Solar System

Tunguska Blast Caused By Exploding Comet.

Edward Drobyshevski – one possible spelling from Russian to English – is a space scientist with three main ideas…

(1) The planets, and everything else orbitting the Sun, formed from the ill-formed remains of a star-that-should-have-been i.e. proto-Jupiter.

(2) Ice can be electrolysed into hydrogen/oxygen by ambient plasma currents and explosive mixtures of hydrogen/oxygen can be trapped in the ice, to one day be explosively reunited, blasting off a moon’s icy crust to form short period comets.

(3) Dark Matter is Planck mass remnant black-holes with a charge of about 10 fundamental charge units i.e. they look like a very, very heavy nucleus.

…the article referenced above is based on number (2). It’s a sobering speculation, that the ice moons might potentially explode into a rain of comets, showering Earth with a Tunguska class impactor every day for years. Needless to say, but we should be very careful when exploring icy bodies in space, else they might erupt. The Deep Impact space probe, for example, showed signs of a chemical explosion adding significant amounts of energy to the impactor probe’s collision energy.

Drobyshevski’s work can be found in abstract, and often online, via NASA’s Astrophysical Database Service… Here …(you should see the size of the URL for that link.)

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