Dynamical warp drives… Super-Toasters!

[0904.0141] Semiclassical instability of dynamical warp drives.

In this Universe there seems to be a conspiracy between the quantum and the general relativistic regimes preventing one from curving space-time and zipping around Faster-than-Light. Some 15 years ago Miguel Alcubierre caught the attention of the physics and SF communities by proposing a warp-metric of space-time that allowed one to move around at speeds above lightspeed. Very quickly several arguments against this prospect were advanced, and almost as quickly several work-arounds past the difficulties were counter-proposed.

However, as the authors discuss, a somewhat more serious difficulty arises because of the horizons that the warp-metric creates. These horizons act just like black-hole Event Horizons and so they produce Hawking radiation. Hawking radiation is normally quite benign as most horizons are pretty large – for example, a collapsed star’s horizon is typically 10 km across. But in a warp-metric there are two horizons – forward and aft, contracting and expanding – and to produce them very thin shells of “negative energy” are needed. And because they’re so very thin (~10-35 metres) the Hawking temperature is very, very high – i.e. a large fraction of the Planck Temperature (1032 K.) Ouch!

All is not lost. If the space-warping horizons could be made thicker, then their temperature will be much, much lower. A metre wide and they’re cooler than the CMB. But how to do so??? Originally the warp-bubble walls were close together to create a negative energy density via the Casimir Effect. If we don’t create negative energy that way, then how?

On the bright side, the “Toaster effect” doesn’t occur when going slower than light. So “field drives” based on warping space-time are still OK, if you can make the negative energy to create a warp and you stay under ‘c’. So a “Star Trek” style impulse engine is still a possibility.

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  1. Yes, looks like you are a scientist. However you have failed to understand how we might reduce the energy needed for a warp drive.
    Adam, I very appreciate what you are doing, but your lack of advance is because of the way you think. With other words you should rethink the whole “warp” theory.

  2. Watch this video (to the 2:25 minute) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey6uMJcPPV4&feature=PlayList&p=2B37FBE69D94BBD1&index=8

    After that turn your attention on this smoke ring picture:

    and compare it with this NASA picture:

    What you will notice is that this crafts:

    move like smoke rings
    http://haloorbital.com/index_images/toroid_cross_section_1.jpg ( computer graphic of a smoke ring in motion).

    They use VERY LITTLE energy to move forward. They don’t need trillions of watts of power for crossing the galaxy.

  3. Adam, have you never seen the Stan Deyo’s presentation? Here is it. It is a lecture and it’s the first official world wide UFO technology disclosure

    Watch this part here when he explains that these crafts that I’ve showed you above use pulsed DC current and the Lorentz force coupled with MHD

    It is WITHIN modern physics and it does not need any exotic matter.

    And again here is your proof for the warp speed with which they are traveling
    the calculation shows that the crafts make angular turn with 887 000 mph. Yet like Deyo said the time inside is running 7-8 times faster than outside. That makes not structural damage.

    P.S. The exact mathematical link between the constant of gravity and magnetic permeability is in the strength of the electromagnetic interaction. I shall say no more, the rest is in your hands 🙂

    Now after you know it, concentrate your efforts there 😉

    I just hope you to take me seriously!

    1. Deyo is a nut. Creationist, conspiracist and wannabe Einstein. How can you take him seriously?

      My other question is: why would time run faster inside a vehicle?

  4. Because I know he is telling the truth!

    Maybe the same reason why it runs faster on the moon or in space.

    P.S. What do you think about John Searl’s IGV?

    1. Self-deluded faker. As has been shown for years now. You do realise that what Lazar says is actually incompatible with what Deyo says don’t you? And Searl’s work conflicts with the both of them? They can’t all be true.

  5. Lazar has passed many lie detectors by the police guys and they found NO lie!
    Ununpentium (115p) was found in February, 2004, by a joint Russian-American collaboration! It exist!!!
    It is in the so called ‘island of stability’ JUST AS Lazar said! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Island_of_stability
    Until now anything he said is TRUE!

    However the isotopes that are found by now are radioactive
    287Uup 115 172 287.19119(85)# 32(+155-14) ms
    288Uup 115 173 288.19249(92)# 87(+105-30) ms
    289Uup 115 174 289.19272(110)# 10# s
    290Uup 115 175 290.19414(106)# 10# s
    291Uup 115 176 291.19438(95)# 1# min

    And here is more scientific evidence of the STABLE isotope that is 299!!!
    It was the one of which Bob spoke.

    The proton bombardment and the transmutation into 116 and the direct dacay is also proven! It is known as Antiproton synthesis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ununpentium

    And YES, you can achieve antigravity by other means that are disclosed by people like Prof. John Searl and Stan Deyo. The key to overcome this is in electromagnetism and rotation. Earth also rotates and Earth is also a PERPETUUM MOTION MACHINE! You can control gravity without element 115 AND STILL make it act as Ununpentium fueled!!!! That’s the big conspiracy! The elite is trying to make us believe that warp drives may only be possible when you got tremendous amound of exotic fuel to warp space. Lazar’s story is just another tail of the Alcubierre drive.

    Aether space – according to Lazar Aether a.k.a. ZPE don’t exist. In fact it DO exist and it is the Dark Energy known in astronomy today. It is fluid space that makes all the matter.

    Have you never watched the presentation of aiaa from April 24, 2008???????!
    OPEN slide 25 to 30 and then 32 and 34!


    The three of them are true.

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